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An extension to optimize your tab management.
⭐️ All in One Tab Manager
Manage everything in one place! Our side panel tab manager keeps your tabs, bookmarks, reading list, and history easily accessible with a single click. No more switching between windows or menus.
🔍 Blazing Fast Search
Find what you need instantly! Search across tabs, bookmarks, and history with our lightning-fast search function. We're confident it's the smoothest search you'll experience.
🔗 Tab Groups
Stay organized with tab groups! Create custom groups for your tabs and easily switch between them. Our intuitive grouping system helps you keep your tabs in order and your mind at ease.
🚀 Modern UI design
Enjoy a beautiful and intuitive interface that makes managing your browsing a pleasure, not a chore.
🌓 Dark/Light mode switch
Switch seamlessly between light and dark mode to match your style and preference, or to reduce eye strain during long browsing sessions.